Black hands handing money to white hands

The Black race has tremendous economic potential. In the U.S. alone, Black people generate over $1.8 trillion dollars in buying power (total income after taxes). Unfortunately, we only spend approximately 3% of it with Black businesses, while handing away 97% to other races.

Buying Power
Trillion Dollars
Black Spending
With Black Businesses

This creates massive wealth for other races, but leaves our race poor and dependent on other races for jobs, businesses, welfare and our survival.

Marcus Garvey
"It is unfortunate that we should find ourselves at this time the only disorganized group. Others have had the advantage of organization for centuries, so what seems to them unnecessary, from a racial point of view, becomes necessary to us, who have had to labor all along under the disadvantage of being scattered without a racial aim or purpose."
Marcus Garvey


Delxino teaching PURPOSE of Buy Black Movement

To solve this, TAG TEAM Marketing International, Inc. created the Buy Black Movement to get and maintain millions of Black people buying from Black-owned businesses consistently, which will:

  • help thousands of Black businesses grow
  • put millions of Black people to work
  • reduce unemployment, poverty & crime
  • reduce dependence on government aid
  • fund Black schools and other institutions
  • create massive wealth for Black families


"Negro producers,
Negro distributors,
Negro consumers!

The world of Negroes can be self‑contained."

- Marcus Garvey

The Buy Black Movement utilizes the economic formula given to us by Marcus Garvey almost a century ago. TAG TEAM Marketers (Negro distributors) pull together Black businesses (Negro producers) and Black consumers (Negro consumers), and get Black consumers buying products from Black businesses. This creates the continuous 'movement' of Black money to Black businesses, and in return the continuous 'movement' of Black products to Black consumers. The result is a self-contained 'Buy Black Movement' where Black money continously gets spent within the race, creating jobs, wealth and prosperity for Black people:

Buy Black Movement Flow Diagram
Make The Products
Suppliers are Black business owners who make and own their own products and/or services, and join our Supplier Program. They ship us a supply of their products each month. We warehouse, sell and ship their products for them, and pay them for each product we sell. details
Sell The Products
Marketers are Black people who join our home-based business opportunity, called the TAG TEAM Marketing Opportunity. TAG TEAM Marketers promote our Black-made products and services to Black consumers, who order online. Marketers get paid for each product that they sell. details
Buy The Products
Citizens are Black consumers who set up an automatic monthly order and purchase products each month from Black-owned businesses in Garvey Nation (Suppliers). Citizens receive discounts, rewards, recognition and great benefits for their monthly support of Black-owned businesses. details


  • We have united 77,231 Black people...
  • ...from 158 countries around the world.
  • We have sold, shipped and delivered 254,902 products for Black businesses.
  • We have recycled millions back into the Black community.
  • We have issued tens of thousands of paychecks to Black families all over the world.
  • We have achieved all of this by working together as a race,...
  • ...and we are just getting started!
Marcus Garvey

"Have you ever stopped to think of the thousands of dollars spent daily by colored people in a community like Harlem, or any other community with a large colored population? How much of this money gets back into your pockets in one way or another? Not much, oh? How do you account for that? Easy enough when you stop to think that there are not enough businesses controlled and operated by colored people in proportion to their numbers in any given community.

If fifty percent of the money spent by us daily for commodities of every kind were spent among ourselves, do you realize the tremendous advantage the race would have?"

Marcus Garvey


Marcus Garvey
"The world is looking to see what the New Negro will achieve in the field of commerce. We firmly believe that a brighter day is dawning for men and women of African descent."
Marcus Garvey
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