Shoe Grip Non-Slip Spray For Shoes

Shoe Grip Non-Slip Spray For Shoes

Shoe Grip Non-Slip Spray For Shoes

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Tired of slipping when you walk in the rain, on snow or on ice?

Then try Shoe Grip™ spray. Shoe Grip is an amazing thin resin spray for that helps your shoes stick, despite the rain, ice and show. No-more need to slip when you walk in bad weather. Just spray Shoe Grip™ on the soles of your shoes, let it dry and you are ready to go!

This revolutionary product helps people walk with confidence on slippery, wet, snowy or icy driveways, sidewalks, stairs and roads. Shoe Grip is a proven product that acts as an adhesive and grips cold, wet, slippery surfaces and any other surface that would profit from a non-slip surface.

Best of all:

  • Shoe Grip is harmless to leather or rubber!
  • It is made of non-hazardous ingredients!
  • It comes in recyclable 5 oz. aluminum can for easy storage!
  • Shoe grip's specially designed nozzle sprays the targeted area without waste!

Get prepared for bad weather today!

Keep a can or two of shoe grip in your home and in your car at all times. Dramatically reduce the dangers of slipping in the rain, on ice or in snow! Order Shoe Grip today!

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Can $14.95 2 points
1 Customer Testimonial
M. W.

I have used Shoe Grip Non-Slip Spray when I was a truck driver. it has saved my butt many a times...

The steps on my truck would get icy in the winter while sitting at truck stops. At -5 degrees, my bladder didn't care how cold it was outside. I had to go to the bathroom. I was watching a lot of truckers slipping and falling on the ice going into the convenience store and restaurant. Their "slip resistant" boots didn't seem to be working.

One day, I sprayed the Shoe Grip on the bottom of my boots, stepped outside and sure enough, I did not slip or fall on the ice at all. I strutted across the parking lot and back to the truck looking like a super hero! I keep a can in my car too. it is my hero in a can.

M. W.
Marcus Garvey
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