Deluxe Haile Selassie Chain (*Limited Edition*)

Deluxe Haile Selassie Chain (*Limited Edition*)

Deluxe Haile Selassie Chain (*Limited Edition*)

$107.99 to $127.99

between 30 and 35 points

Haile Selassie was one of the most famous African Emperors of recent times. He was the last Emperor from the Queen Makeda/King Solomon line, which gave him a unique and unparalleled pedestal from which to rule his country of Ethiopia. His Pan-African ideals have inspired many groups of Black people around the world to unite together in pride. Perhaps the most famous of these groups is the Rastafari Movement, which considers Haile Selassie to be a prophet or the God of Black people.


This deluxe solid-brass pendant is a detailed depiction of the Great Haile Selassie. It’s bust-like design is unmatched in uniqueness. It comes in either stunning black onyx look or majestic 18k gold-plated design, along with a stylish 28-inch Franco chain.


If you look up to the great Emperor Haile Selassie, wear this necklace with pride!  


Pendant measures 1.7 inches by 2.5 inches.


Quantities are limited, so get yours now!

GOLD 28" XL Franco Chain & Pendant $127.99 35 points
BLACK 28" XL Franco Chain & Pendant $107.99 30 points
Marcus Garvey
"Look to Africa, for there a king will be crowned."
Marcus Garvey
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