Motherland’s Gold Moringa Energizing Set

Motherland’s Gold Moringa Energizing Set

Motherland’s Gold Moringa Energizing Set

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There's nothing better than feeling fully energized and ready to take on the day. Good nutrition is the fuel for a life full of vitality, energy and happiness. For generations, our African ancestors have used various herbs, plants and spices to heal and strengthen the body's energy systems. Now, Motherland's Gold is proud to bring you 3 delicious tea blends which contain Moringa (Africa's 'Miracle Tree of Life'), and several other healthy herbal teas which may help to boost energy and bring more vitality to your life.

 This Energizing Set contains: 

•Moringa Ginger Tea
•Moringa Turmeric Tea
•Moringa Lemongrass Tea

All 3 of these tea blends contain Moringa Oleifera, also called Africa's "Miracle Tree of Life", which has been used for thousands of years. Some experts have claimed that Moringa is the most nutritious plant ever studied, due to its abundant supply of over 90 nutrients. Moringa has 7 times the vitamin C of oranges, 4 times the vitamin A of carrots, 4 times the calcium of milk, 3 times the potassium of bananas and 2 times the protein of yogurt. It also contains 18 amino acids, including the 8 essential amino acids.

Ginger, Turmeric and Lemongrass all have their own amazing herbal benefits which may contribute to increased energy levels in the body.

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Drinking these tea blends may help to improve energy levels, boost metabolism, boost the immune system, detoxify the body, improve blood sugar levels, improve liver health, relieve stress and anxiety, improve red blood cell levels, relieve headaches, improve brain function, raise antioxidant levels and much, much more. 

Steep any combination of these 3 Motherland’s Gold Moringa tea blends in hot water for several minutes. The tea leaves release beneficial nutrients and antioxidants into the water, creating a refreshing caffeine-free tea that could add energy, vitality and happiness to your day.

Our Energizing Set contains an amazing 90 Tea Bags (30 per container). Enjoy! 

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Set (Ginger, Turmeric, Lemongrass) $67.47 30 points
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