A Kwanzaa Awakening - Lessons for the Community

A Kwanzaa Awakening - Lessons for the Community

A Kwanzaa Awakening - Lessons for the Community

With activities for grades K-12, this book is a valuable resource for teachers, parents, students, community programs. Within the pages of this book are gathered:

  • a brief overview of the history of Kwanzaa
  • a sample Libation ceremony
  • a play highlighting the Seven Principles
  • Lessons for the Little Ones (K-3)
  • Classroom activities for all ages
  • Worksheets, a test, quiz, reading selections, discussion questions, answer key
  • Kwanzaa in Christ: How to Celebrate Kwanzaa in the Church
  • Kwanzaa and the Qu’ran: The Islamic Expressions of the Seven Principles
  • Kuumba Poetry Korner

“Through this book, Akua provides ways for us to value the lives of our children, and ways to teach them who they are as children with a rich African heritage.  This book…challenges us to train our children in ways that will affirm our past and secure our future.”

James C. Anyike, M.Div.
Author, African American Holidays

“There are those who say that children are our future, but Chike Akua acts on this belief with a wonderfully organized book.  A Kwanzaa Awakening is a template, a guide that every educator, parent, and every church leader should have.  Brother Akua has helped us along the journey to discovering our rich legacy and passing it on to our children.”

Erriel Kofi Addae, Author/Publisher (Kujichagulia Press)
The Maafa & Beyond, Reality Revolution

“The Seven Principles of Kwanzaa are not seasonal.  They speak to the enduring need for community development coupled with personal devotion.  Thank you, Rev. Akua, for calling us back to the cultural and spiritual foundations of our people.”

Dr. Kenneth L. Samuel, Pastor & Organizer
The Victory Church (Stone Mountain, Georgia)

*** This books is included in the "Black History Power Pak" kit located in the Black History category.

softcover, 160 pages

Book $19.99 4 points
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