The Shepherd's Harvest
All-natural products, supplements and herbal teas with health benefits that address some of the major issues facing our communities today.
25 Fruits That MUST Be In Your Diet 25 Fruits Book $19.99
25 Self-Empowering Health-Empowering Herbs: Evidence Revealed 25 Herbs Book $19.99
25 Self-Empowering, Health-Empowering Herbs - Volume II 25 Herbs Book - Vol 2 $19.99
God’s Gift Charcoal Soap (with Tea Tree & Red Clay) God’s Gift Charcoal Soap $8.99
God’s Gift Lemon Soap (with Goat’s Milk & Oats) God’s Gift Lemon Soap $8.99
Shepherd's Harvest Health Set Harvest Health Set $71.96
Shepherd's Harvest Luxury Diabetic Tea Luxury Diabetic Tea $19.99
Shepherd's Harvest Moringa Blend Tea Moringa Blend Tea $19.99
Shepherd's Harvest Muscadine Grape Capsules Muscadine Grape Capsules $32.99
Shepherd's Harvest Premium Red Muscadine Grape Juice Muscadine Grape Juice $29.99
Shepherd's Harvest Muscadine Grape Set Muscadine Grape Set $53.98
Shepherd's Harvest Soursop Tea Soursop Tea $19.99
The Shepherd
"I got into this business to make a difference in lives of our people. We have high numbers of auto-immune diseases. Many can be addresses with knowledge and herbal products. I have a vision of delivering both."
The Shepherd's Harvest
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